Just released my first BIG indie game!

First of all… I’m back! I’ve been wanting to write something on here for a very long time, but it’s been tough. I lost my father a little over a year ago, and if there was anything I wanted to post on here it was about that. I did write some lengthy pieces on it, but I couldn’t bring myself to post them on here. I think I will in a little bit though, because it is important for me to share my feelings.


For now, I wanted to make a little announcement – I released the Prologue to my game A Near Dawn (you can download it here). We just got a really great review for it published here.

I am very passionate about this project I’ve been working on, mostly because it is very me. It has all the things I like and I just loved working on it so far. What are those things, you ask? Well, I call it my ‘dark humorous psychological thriller adventure’ game. It is full of lighthearted charming humour and can get quite comical at times, but it is also ruthlessly devastating, sometimes from the decisions that you can make and others from the desperate circumstances the protagonist will find himself in. Also, it gives you some freedom to explore your environment, which I try to flesh out as much as possible.


The story of A Near Dawn sees Seattle-based attorney Sam Nichols, a character already in psychological turmoil from a darker personality lurking inside his mind, being exposed to progressively dire circumstances as he struggles to do the right thing – help his friend and mentor save his collapsing firm. The Prologue introduces some of the key characters and certain things you can expect to come.


The game puts you in charge of all of your interactions as you speak to different characters and learn more about what is happening and what must be done. It has a wide cast of characters including an artistic waitress, an enthusiastic friend, a charming Hispanic psychic named Don Juan, a chatty secretary, a mysterious dark and menacing stranger, and even a little kid who likes cartoons.

I want to talk more about the work that went into this project soon – I did all of the writing, character art, animation, opening background art (including the illustration of Seattle at the top, which had quite an unexpected and humbling impact on the Seattle reddit), programming, voice direction (it was a great new experience to work with some wonderful voice actors). It was also amazing to work with a talented composer for the first time (Soundicate), and he delivered exactly what I asked for, even if he had to redo a couple of the tracks. All around, I have learned so much working on this project and I am really proud of how it has come together so far! One more thing I wanted to bring up is —

KickStarter coming Oct 24th

We are going to be gearing up for a KickStarter campaign (on October 24th) to help get support for this project. I’ve been funding it myself (and living off my savings) this whole time so far, it would be an immense help to offset some of these expenses. I really hope things go well and I can continue working on it. Let me know what you think if you check it out and wish me luck!


About Leonid Pilchin

I am an artist, animator, writer, film and retro game enthusiast, traveler, and daydreamer from Toronto. Founder and Creative Director at Far-off Daydream Games - my indie story-driven game endeavors.
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